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Loving My Coleman Air Mattress

I really like Coleman air mattresses. Coleman air beds are great air mattresses for the money and they are also great for camping. When choosing the best air mattress to buy, it may be a good choice to go for Coleman air mattress. I prefer the queen size air mattress, because the twin size one is small for me even when I sleep alone. Anyway queen size air mattresses do not come much more expensive than twin size ones, so it’s more value for money.

I read the Coleman air mattress reviews before buying, and finally bought the Quickbed. It is one of the best air beds I have ever bought. I bought it online at Amazon


I considered the flocked top a great feature. It is very comfy if I sleep on it, and if I use bed sheets it keeps the sheets in place. The double lock valve helps to keep the air bed nicely inflated. The bed does not lose air throughout the night, so it stays firm all night!

The durable material that makes the Coleman air bed is water resistant and is strong enough so it is a good choice for camping. Quick inflation at ninety seconds makes it really convenient, but on the other hand, you’ll need a separate pump for it. You can use any electric or battery powered pump for inflating the air bed.

If you like a twin size air bed or would like to save a few bucks, the Coleman raised twin is also a good option. It is a raised air mattress, meaning it is higher than the normal one, so that getting in and out of the bed is easy. The air bed folds up easily too, and you can put it into a small bag that comes with it. This air bed also doesn’t come with a pump.

Good luck getting an air mattress!

My Coleman air mattress

airmattressI need an air mattress, as of yesterday actually. My father in law is here for chemotherapy and along with him there is the whole entourage. We have two air mattresses but I am no longer able to sleep on floor. In any event, my brother in law is adjusting with some bed sheets on the floor while I am on this mattress. It does not feel too good to be doing that, especially because he is the one doing running about. Other cousins are here as well. My husband agreed that we need to buy not one but two or three air mattresses because the treatment may go on for almost two months. We also need to consider the space constraints while we buy the air mattress.

We began our search for air beds online. The first in the list were the Coleman air mattress reviews because the existing air beds are Coleman air mattresses.

The queen size double air mattress which we intend to keep in the study has 3 layers. The mattress is light and made from polyvinyl chloride. It is 78 inches in length, and 60 inches in width. The height is about 18 inches. In the daytime I don’t intend to deflate it, because there is simply no room to let visitors sit. This can be a good alternative. There is no pump with this one, but we already have one so it is not a big issue. The reviews say standard size bed sheet will work on it. I am hoping they will. I am told there is a new airtight system in this airbed which prevents leaks. Almost everybody is having a say in this purchase for sure. Anyway, that is what got a yes from me.

We are also buying 2 of Coleman comfortsmart. It is 73 inches long and 38 inches wide. Height didn’t matter because this and other single two single air mattresses will fit well in our sitting room. One person can sleep on the couch. That should do. My brother in law says one of these can be made to stand as back rest on one wall and the other three mattresses can serve as seating arrangement in day time. I hope so. I am not sure about the dimensions of older mattresses though. Moreover, they may slip. But men are more technical minded, so I am not going to argue as I have enough on my hands for now. Yes, this one has suede top, which is missing on the double bed I think. I don’t know. I simply do not have time or energy to go through the Coleman air mattress reviews or any other reviews for that matter.

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Why I Will Always Go Camping With An Air Mattress


I really can’t remember when my love for camping began, but all I know is that I love camping. I once in a while call two or three of my friends when we are free and we go camping in one of the best locations out of town. Three days ago, I was out in the market looking to buy cheap air mattresses for camping. The two I had were getting old and our next camping was fast approaching. Since it had been shopping for these items, I knew singling out the best was going to be nearly impossible. However, it was after through research and advice from friends that I was able to find a good air mattress, and when our day for camping came, it was one of the first items I packed.

Just like me, if you are planning on going camping real soon, here is why you also need the best air mattress. First, it is all about comfort. It coming with a custom firmness, an air mattress is one of the most comfortable and cheap solutions you can lay your hands on. Camping out in the wild can get really crazy; you could make use of a soft and comfortable mattress at night; another reason why you to go with a cheap air mattress. Apart from two people being able to share it, this kind of mattress can be of great help if you have had to battle with back pain for years. Lastly, another great thing that I love about my air mattress is the level of durability it comes with. It coming fully equipped with PVC and is ability to counter sagging, you can be sure of taking it to camping for years. At the end, if all that I have been able to net from my mattress is anything to go by, I would actually go camping with it once again.

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