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Knowing The Best Cookware To Buy is Important

 good cookware

When it comes to cookware, I always tell people to look for the brand name first. Just like you see people get excited when you mention a European car like Mercedes, you need to be able to know that there are brands in cookware that just make you want to get cooking and you will need to know who they are so that you can get a satisfying taste and quality of food when you are cooking.

#1 All-Clad Cookware

When you buy All-Clad cookware, you will be getting bonded stainless steel cookware that gives you the most even heat distribution. They are pricey but reliable. They have warp-resistant technology, the material is not reactive with any food and they make their cookware to be non-stick which is ideal for cooking and browning without using too much fat. They are at the top of their game as always.

#2 Cook N Home Cookware

When you are looking for cookware that will serve you well with a complete collection that is high quality but doesn’t dent your bank account, Cook N Home is the place to go. They have a complete set that goes for a price that is so good it has one of the highest ratings that you can find. Their set is very complete and non-stick.

#3 Calphalon Cookware

Calphalon makes their cookware using anodized aluminum which makes them so durable. They have a set that contains lids which are made of tempered glass so that you can watch the food cook without opening it up. Everything except the pans is dishwasher safe but with hand cleaning, you can get them to glow.

#4 Cuisinart Cookware

Cuisinart makes some of the best cookware that has been the favorite of professionals after All-Clad. Their set includes some stuff that you will not see in other brands and that is what sets them apart. Their set has a stainless steel steamer, a skillet and a multi-purpose pan for sautéing food. Their cookware is also non-reactive and will not mess up with your food flavor or react with it in any other way.

#5 Wolf Gourmet Cookware

When it comes to frying, this one takes the cake. The set has one flaw that people found a bit discomforting though, the pans and the handles get a little too hot to handle when you have left them for some time. One thing that comes out good though is the fact that they are oven friendly with high heat tolerance and also they can be cleaned in the dishwasher which is another big plus.
These are the top five brands that we found in the market and they all has their qualities that we loved.

The world is on the brink of a global water crisis!


Mounting pressures on the world’s supply of fresh water is threatening access to acceptable levels of healthy drinking water.
The universal decline in water resources is due to the multiple factors of global warming, increased personal consumption (caused by an exploding population), burgeoning industrial requirements, widespread pollution and the loss of the vast majority of freshwater supplies that are siphoned off for irrigation. These factors have caused such a burden on the world’s water reserves that the UN has forecasted by the year 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population will have inadequate access to fresh water.

The Colours of the Nile Expedition intends to generate awareness of the issues that surround this very serious problem.
We ALL need access to clean uncontaminated water. When we are healthy, our bodies are made up of 70% water. We can begin to feel thirsty after losing just 1% of our bodily fluids and can face death if the deprivation nears 10%, something that can happen in 2-3 days without proper re-hydration.

Nowhere is the water shortage more apparent than in the region of the River Nile – historically an area of fertile banks and access to an ample water supply. The region, now facing a severe water crisis and threatened conflict as a result.

The Nile Basin is confronted with the following challenges around its continued supply of fresh water:
Irrigation currently siphons off 70% of the river’s water supply;
Sewage, pesticides, fertilisers and industrial waste all contribute to the problem;
Uneven distribution of silt due to damming has caused a reduction in fertile land, fish supplies and soil erosion;
In dry years only a trickle of water originating at the source of the Nile actually reaches the sea; and
Treaties controlling Nile water usage between the riparian countries are considered by some states to be inequitable and therefore a source of constant conflict.

The awareness generated by the Colours of the Nile expedition will draw attention to an impending global water crisis and illustrate the extreme pressures already being felt in the Nile Basin. A heightened awareness of these issues will encourage informed decisions from policy makers and personal water users alike, to ensure we maximise the potential of the world’s precious freshwater supply.

Why is it important to draw awareness to these issues by travelling down the Nile?
The same issues that are responsible for the worsening global water crisis are also factors that symbolize the decreasing likelihood of an unbroken paddle from the source of the Blue Nile to the sea. Time is not on our side. Circumstances such as the declining river levels that cause difficult navigation, lack of potable water due to pollution, obstructions caused by damming, and regional hostilities (in some cases caused by conflict over the control of water resources), are all factors that threaten the future success of such a journey.

A momentous expedition such as the first unbroken paddle from the source of the Blue Nile to the sea, faced with extreme danger and blessed with colourful scenery, cultures, history and architecture, will provide a captivating and engaging backdrop for the delivery of these messages. Our intention is to capture the magic and splendor of the region on film with a view to highlighting the local water crisis. The crisis of the Nile is simply a precursor to the larger issues that will confront us globally in the years to come.

The Right Gifts For the Right Girl


As special occasions and holidays pass by, I consistently find myself stressing over none other than buying the right gifts for my girlfriend. We’ve been together for two years, and I’m pretty sure I’ve dropped a couple thousand on all of the typical: jewelry, perfume, makeup, handbags, dinners, and so forth.To be clear, my girlfriend is by no means materialistic–she never asks for gifts, let alone anything expensive, and always shows gratitude. But the problem is that gift-giving is a topic that neither of us has actually spoken to the other about.

Simply put, it’s a given for us. I have a problem with this for several reasons:
1. Getting gifts for my girlfriend is difficult. She doesn’t give me her opinion–without knowing her likes and dislikes, I’m at a loss.
2. Part of me feels like she only expresses gratitude for the sheer purpose of being polite.
3. My lack of knowledge of her preferences leads to me straying towards mainstream, typical gifts and making up for such typicality with high price tags.

For example, I bought her a Tiffany necklace for our 2-year anniversary. Her reaction to the necklace was only slightly happy. For fear of ruining the special day, I decided not to ask her about it. But several days later I summoned the courage to ask her what she really thought about the gift. She admitted that she loved it, but didn’t need an excessive amount of expensive jewelry or handbags; she was more than happy with a simple home-cooked meal and flowers.

Instantly, I was relieved, but my wallet cried. So all those gifts for my girlfriend were undesired? As it turns out, money isn’t everything. Some women prefer the simpler things in life, and the gifts for my girlfriend don’t need to break the bank. As they say, it’s the thought that counts!

List of the Best Rated Juicers by Consumers


Juicing is the art of extracting juices from fruits and vegetables. Modern technology has provided us with a wide variety of juicing machines making the art simple. The various juicing machines have different features and the buyer need to make a choice and settle on one that meets their purpose in a great way. Some of the factors that one should consider before buying a juicer are the speed, noise, cleaning procedure, budget and types of foods from where the juice will be extracted. Some of the best rated juicers by consumers are:-


1. L’Equip 215L Juicer

It is one of the cheapest brands in the market. If cost is one of your biggest concerns in buying a juicer, this is probably your best choice. It can extract juice from a large amount of fruits or vegetables all at once. It is a strong and heavy machine and this enables it to carry a lot of fruits and vegetables. One of its main challenges is that it is hard to clean it. Its price is around £100.

2. Phillips Avance HR1875/21

This machine will extract smooth and tasty juice from the fruits or vegetables you input into it. The machine does not produce a lot of noise while working hence can ideal for home use. This machine can be cleaned with a lot of ease. It is also affordable as it costs around £100 and £125.

3. Omega VSJ843 Slow Juicer

This juicer is slower than most of the juicers described above. It has a double bite auger to ensure it extracts the juice twice from the fruit. This ensures that it produces more juice and less pulp materials. It is an excellent juicer for soft fruits such as berries. Its price ranges from £370- £400.

4. Kenwood Continuous Juicer JE720

The machine is fast and does not produce a lot of noise. It produces high quality smooth juice. It has an inbuilt foam separator to separate foam from the juice. It is easy to operate and clean. Its price ranges from £80 – £100.

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My Experience With Frigidaire Dehumidifier



I discovered that my house’s hard wood floor had all along been breeding zone for germs at my house. Me and some other five guys I stay with used to suffer from cold flu longer than usual until a Frigidaire dehumidifier accidentally solved the problem. The real reason why I bought the dehumidifier was to control the humidity in my house especially during spring and has it served its purpose well? I would say it does so very well. My home is one of those which experience moisture problem all seasons, and the fact that it has hardwood floor makes it even unhygienic to stay in.

I chose Frigidaire dehumidifier for some particular reasons. First, it was configured 50 pints, that means it could remove 50 pints of moisture from my room in every day/24 hours. The result is a pretty relaxing room environment for watching TV or studying. Frigidaire has 2 speed control for the fan which I figured would be an added advantage since I could determine the rate at which moisture was being removed from my house. There is a digital readout which lets me to view current humidity levels, that makes it easy to operate.

The auto shut off feature takes away my worries about the safety of my house by assuring that the dehumidifier will be turned off automatically in case I forgot to do so and if I’m away. Also, Frigidaire has an antibacterial mesh installed which besides keeping my hardwood floor suitably dry and preventing disease causing agents from thriving, it is disinfecting the air that is coming through it. Bucket-full indicator tells me when the bucket is already full so there’s no need to keep checking the rising level of water. Lastly but not least, I must mention the 24-hour on/off timer which allows me to set the operation time period thus reducing energy operation.

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Top Five Humidifiers in 2016


Humidifiers are important for a comfortable home as well as the health and wellness of your family. I live in the desert, so air humidity is something I think about often. When my kids get sick, their little throats and noses dry out quickly and it can be painful for them! So with the help of some friends, we set out to find the best humidifier that money can buy. We tried almost everything on the best humidifier reviews 2016 list and came up with our top five humidifiers.

Our #5 favorite humidifier is the Honeywell HCM-350. Retailing for $49.99, it will work quietly and efficiently in a room up to 500 square feet, and uses 2 gallons of water a day. The only downside is it doesn’t have an automatic shut off.

Coming in at #4 is the Ultrasonic 2.8 Liter Cool Mist Humidifier. For $40, this compact humidifier is perfect for an office space. My desk at work used to always shock me when I sat down! But now I turn this on while I’m telling everyone good morning, and by the time I’m back at my desk I don’t have any issues!

Our #3 favorite humidifier is the Winix AW600. This one is just under $200, so it’s a bit more expensive, but it will purify your air as well. With 3 kids, 2 cats and a husband at home, I’m sure we were passing germs around like we pass mashed potatoes around at dinner! But now, after having this humidifier in our home for a month, I can already see a difference in the health of my family. In the best humidifier reviews of 2016 list, this one was at the top.

The runner-up is the Crane EE-8065. This humidifier is priced affordably at just over $50. It is compact in size, which makes it convenient to take anywhere. And my favorite part – it utilizes antimicrobial technology to make sure that the water tank is free from bacteria. I’m always nervous my humidifier is just a germ machine! But with this one, you don’t have to worry.

And our favorite humidifier of 2016 is the Heaven Fresh HF 710. This one is also reasonably priced at just over $100. It has all of the attributes of the rest of our favorite humidifiers, but with one additional feature! Drum roll please… it spews out hot or cold air! It’s like a spa day while I’m sitting at my desk at work! Or if it’s a hot, dry desert night, this will cool me off and make it comfortable to sleep!

My Coleman air mattress


airmattressI need an air mattress, as of yesterday actually. My father in law is here for chemotherapy and along with him there is the whole entourage. We have two air mattresses but I am no longer able to sleep on floor. In any event, my brother in law is adjusting with some bed sheets on the floor while I am on this mattress. It does not feel too good to be doing that, especially because he is the one doing running about. Other cousins are here as well. My husband agreed that we need to buy not one but two or three air mattresses because the treatment may go on for almost two months. We also need to consider the space constraints while we buy the air mattress.

We began our search for air beds online. The first in the list were the Coleman air mattress reviews because the existing air beds are Coleman air mattresses.

The queen size double air mattress which we intend to keep in the study has 3 layers. The mattress is light and made from polyvinyl chloride. It is 78 inches in length, and 60 inches in width. The height is about 18 inches. In the daytime I don’t intend to deflate it, because there is simply no room to let visitors sit. This can be a good alternative. There is no pump with this one, but we already have one so it is not a big issue. The reviews say standard size bed sheet will work on it. I am hoping they will. I am told there is a new airtight system in this airbed which prevents leaks. Almost everybody is having a say in this purchase for sure. Anyway, that is what got a yes from me.

We are also buying 2 of Coleman comfortsmart. It is 73 inches long and 38 inches wide. Height didn’t matter because this and other single two single air mattresses will fit well in our sitting room. One person can sleep on the couch. That should do. My brother in law says one of these can be made to stand as back rest on one wall and the other three mattresses can serve as seating arrangement in day time. I hope so. I am not sure about the dimensions of older mattresses though. Moreover, they may slip. But men are more technical minded, so I am not going to argue as I have enough on my hands for now. Yes, this one has suede top, which is missing on the double bed I think. I don’t know. I simply do not have time or energy to go through the air mattress reviews or any other reviews for that matter.

For more information on the Coleman air mattresses, visit this link.

The 3 Wonderful Features Which a Great Vacuum Cleaner Must Possess



Different people have conflicting opinion over the various vacuum cleaners in the market. While it’s true that none of those vacuum cleaners’ caliber will ever fit into everybody’s cleaning habits and preferences, there is this vacuum cleaner that I’ve been using for quite a while, which I believe would receive the bulkiest general likes. I’ve come to conclude therefore that for any vacuum cleaner to sore the heights of utter performance and value, it must possess some unique attributes which help it in solving various people’s cleaning problems.

Upright Vacuums

We have four kinds of vacuum cleaners; upright, canister, bagged and un-bagged. All of them are designed for one purpose – vacuuming, but they also offer a varied degree of reliability. I hold high regard for upright cleaners for the reason they are primarily designed for carpets and rugs. My notion is that at least every household today wouldn’t miss either of the two, but they perform above average when used for cleaning tile and hardwood floors.

Hepa Filter

If a vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a Hepa filter system then it must be of centuries behind. I mean that all of today’s premium vacuum cleaners come with this dust filtering system. It doesn’t just filter dust when vacuuming but it also takes out pets’ hair and the very tiny dust particles that can cause allergies.

Turbo Brush
My vacuum cleaner is equipped with a turbo brush, good for people who own pets and animals. It’s an air driven brush which can be used to clean cars, upholstery, stairs and other squeezed areas. Highly rated vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal have it. This feature is often paired with others such as strong suction. I have no qualms with my cat if she decides to scratch her ears on my couch, because I have a solution for that.

How to buy a vacuum cleaner –
Vacuum cleaner do’s and don’ts –

My quest for a good espresso machine



So I drink too much coffee. At least that is what my mother always says. I regularly chug down 5 or 6 cups per day. It might account for my acid reflux and inability to sit still, but we’ll let my shrink figure that one out.

Anyway, let me tell you about a quest that I went on, it may not be as interesting as Jack Kerouac’s road trip, or Hunter S Thompson’s visit to Vegas. It was however the perfect illustration of the type of contented millennial existence that I lead. Like a poster child for #firstworldproblems I was unhappy with the fact that I was spending my grandchildren’s inheritance almost all on coffee. When you are spending double digits on coffee shops daily, a strong intervention needs to occur.

That isn’t really what happened to me, it was my beatnick looking mathematics tutor roommate who gave me the idea. Once, while lamenting my monetary plight, he told me, “just buy an espresso machine. It will save you money”, and in that moment I felt like the Apostle John on the Island of Patmos, a revelation flashing before me. My quest had begun.
So I gathered my hipster friends together and asked them what the good espresso machines to buy were. I was given three options, and in true addict form, I bought all three.

The first I bought was the De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker. This was a great buy, the coffee came out wonderfully. The tamper that came with it was terrible, but it is workable. It was easy to clean, and had all the features I needed. However, I decided to not keep it, as it isn’t the best looking machine. I moved on to…

The Mr Coffee 4 cup steam espresso system. This also made a great cup of coffee. The problem that I had with it is that I burned myself on the steam. This is apparently something that happens to plenty of people. Maybe we are all stupid, but it was enough to make me return it!

The finale, and the espresso maker that I kept. For the baristas reading this, it might seem like a travesty, but I don’t care, it’s so beautiful. Yes, it’s the Nespresso Inissia, in black. Apart from the fact that it has the same sex appeal as George Clooney, the coffee is excellent, and it’s easy and tidy. The ultimate selling point are those incredible nespresso stores. The pods are sold by people who look like they work there for the joy, and the taster boxes are divine.

So yes, I took the most obvious option, and I am proud of it. This may horrify your inner barista, but not me. I will proudly revel in my ignorance. I am proud that I surveyed the landscape of all the good espresso machines to buy, and came out a winner.
And an update, I currently spend at least 50% less on coffee per month.
What else?

First Day of Summer Blog Hop!


Happy Summer Solstice! My Bento Blogger Friends and I are having a Summer Blog Hop to celebrate the season, so please click on the ‘hop button’ at the end of my post to see what my friend Marie is up to and continue through the chain until you return here again! You’ll be entertained, I promise. :)

This is my Summer Favorites bento for my 5 year old’s lunch today:


This lunch is all about our favorite things: floating in the pool, the beach, s’mores, and fireflies!!! She has a swimming pool sandwich surrounded by graham cracker sand! The sandwich is jelly inside and cream cheese on top. I used food coloring on the cream cheese, and made rafts out of gummy worms for the gummy bears to float on in their pool. The s’more is actually graham cracker, banana, and peanut butter – no camp fire required. She also has strawberries and fireflies made out of grapes, cheese, raisins and toothpicks. We recently moved to the East Coast and fireflies are a real novelty for us. They don’t have them in California and my family had never seen one before last week. Now the kids are out chasing them every night!


Why I Will Always Go Camping With An Air Mattress



I really can’t remember when my love for camping began, but all I know is that I love camping. I once in a while call two or three of my friends when we are free and we go camping in one of the best locations out of town. Three days ago, I was out in the market looking to buy cheap air mattresses for camping. The two I had were getting old and our next camping was fast approaching. Since it had been shopping for these items, I knew singling out the best was going to be nearly impossible. However, it was after through research and advice from friends that I was able to find a good air mattress, and when our day for camping came, it was one of the first items I packed.

Just like me, if you are planning on going camping real soon, here is why you also need the best air mattress. First, it is all about comfort. It coming with a custom firmness, an air mattress is one of the most comfortable and cheap solutions you can lay your hands on. Camping out in the wild can get really crazy; you could make use of a soft and comfortable mattress at night; another reason why you to go with a cheap air mattress. Apart from two people being able to share it, this kind of mattress can be of great help if you have had to battle with back pain for years. Lastly, another great thing that I love about my air mattress is the level of durability it comes with. It coming fully equipped with PVC and is ability to counter sagging, you can be sure of taking it to camping for years. At the end, if all that I have been able to net from my mattress is anything to go by, I would actually go camping with it once again.

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